Website Consulting

Sometimes you are perfectly comfortable running your own website. You can handle it all and are even proud of how it looks and works. But then something breaks. Try as you might, you can’t find a fix.

A trusted partner to help you with your website

Let us be the solution to your short term website needs. Sometimes the task is simple enough and you need it done quickly. Or other times you get in over your head. We totally understand the feeling and enjoyment you get from running your own website.

Many problems can be solved quickly and save you the headache from hours of Google searching. Plus we can give you recommendations and pointers to guide you with your website. You never know what you might gain from an outside prospective. We all end up too close to the forest to see through the trees at times.

When YouTube and Facebook groups are no longer enough, you don’t have to be alone. D.I.Y. does not have to mean do it alone. Get the individual help you need for your project.

A trusted partner to help with your website

Help with many common Website Problems

Slow Loading

Get your loading speed and page speed score to were it should be. Reduce bounce from slow loads.

Site Migrations

Let us handle getting your site moved from one hosting company to another.

Plugins or Themes

Have us install new plugins, add functionality or update your site theme.

Enhance Security

Security is critical to a lasting website. We can help you enhance it to avoid downtime.

Basic S.E.O.

We can help you set up basic onsite SEO and get your site known by Google and Bing.

Much More...

There is so much more we can help you with. Let's talk about your needs and get you a solution.

Is consulting the right answer for you?

Sometimes you are not really sure what you need. Other times you know exactly what is broken and just need it solved. If you can answer yes to at least one of these then consulting could be the answer you are seeking.

A consultation can give you better answers than you can find on the web. We are looking at your specific problem and your exact website. Everything will be tailored to your precise needs.

Knowledgeable and Responsive - As a fire department, we at South Beach Regional Fire Authority are very happy with the service provided by Pacific Northwest Web Works. The service we have received has always been timely and the end product has been exactly what we asked for. Communication with the staff is fantastic. Pacific Northwest Web Works has always provided professional and excellent service.

Katherine Didion

Let's get your project back on track

Consulting calls are scheduled out so you have 100% of our full attention. We charge $80 per hour, billing in 1/2 hour increments after the first hour. If we get on the call and determine we are not a good fit there is no charge.

Not ready for a consultation Just yet?

We understand trusting someone else to help with your website is a big thing. So let’s get to know each other a little better. Check out our about page or download our free guide below.


Is your slow website costing you sales?​

Download our free guide to understand why you are losing valuable sales from your slow website and our recommended action steps to speed up your site.​

Five reasons why your slow website is costing you sales