Website Care Plans

So much time and effort go into making your website right, but it is easy to let it slide. With our care plans, your website will be taken care of so your effort does not go to waste. There are so many little things to ensure a smooth operation, it can quickly add stress and steal time from your day.

Do you have the time to keep your website running?

Most small business owners don’t have time to deal with keeping their website up to date. Or maybe you don’t want to learn a new technology. Our care plan will save you time and eliminate the worry of having to learn something new.

A care plan is also perfect for sites needing regular content updates done. Be it publishing a blog post on a weekly basis, to updating pricing or products. A simple email with what you need changed and we will get it done for you. You still write the content, but you don’t have to worry about the site or how to make the changes.

What do you get with a care plan?

High Quality Hosting

Your website will load fast and reliably. Our plans use premium cloud based hosting services to provide the best service.

Consistent Backups

Your site will be backed up on a regular basis using multiple methods. Never again worry about a bad update or broken website.

Analytics Tracking

If your website is not producing results you need to know. But it takes time to interpret the data. A care plan does that work for you.

Regular Security

Security is so much more than just an update. Your website will be monitored for up time and protected from outside influence.

Save On Costs

Most websites have at least one paid license. But many of those paid licenses are covered under the care plan and cost you nothing extra.

Easy Updates

Your are busy with your own business. So we keep it simple. You send us any changes over email and we get it done for you.

Save time and Reduce Stress

You care plan takes the ‘handling of changes’ out of your hands, so you now have more time to run your business. Our care plans require no long term commitment and payments can be made monthly or quarterly in advance of the service.

I have been a client of PNW Web Works for many years. As a brand new business owner and inexperience computer user, Alex has held my hand throughout the years. He is always supportive and gentle with me when I don't understand something or forget the simplest of things. I highly recommend PNW Web Works. I count on his experience and knowledge of the industry as My business grows and changes.

Diane Johnson

Our Plans

Small Plan

$60 / month
  • 2 small content updates*
  • Site security & uptime checks
  • Speed optimizations
  • Weekly backups
  • Technical Support
  • Hosting & SSL Included

Large Plan

$90 / month
  • 4 small content updates*
  • Site security & uptime checks
  • Speed optimizations
  • Weekly backups
  • Technical Support
  • Hosting & SSL Included

Ready to get started?

*A single small update is around 15-20 minutes of hands-on content changes, like text or graphics or a single blog post. Extra changes or updates are billed at the regular hourly rate.

While a care plan provides regular site updates and security, it does not ensure site up-time or that your site will never be attacked. Care plans do not provide for 24/7 support.

Not sure if a care plan is right for you?

It’s ok. Sometimes you just need a little more information. Check out our free guide below, or view our blog articles.


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