5 plugins to automate your website

5 plugins that will automate simple tasks for your website

Keeping up on a website is a lot of work. And there are quite a few little random tasks that you need to do to maintain a well-functioning website. Not to mention the extra little tasks that you need to do whenever you post a new article. These plugins will help with those tasks.

This post will give you 5 plugins that you may have never heard about but that we use all the time. Each plugin does an excellent job and can automate the menial tasks that end up eating time. Or the tasks that get forgotten with ease.

#1 – Put your best foot forward in social media: Social Warfare

When you write an article, you never know how people will share it out. With the Social Warfare plugin, you can add sharing buttons to each post, so others can share it out. It will also take over adding the Open Graph tags needed to tell social media sites what photo and text to use.

The benefit here is you can control the text or photos that show. Instead of random text or a photo being the cover you choose what you want. You can even specify a Pinterest image in the pro version. Check out the free version here.

#2 – Save time posting: SNAP AutoPoster

This next plugin connects to your social media accounts and posts the articles you write. It will post them for you without having to log in to each social site. For example, we write our blog posts in advance. And often we have other projects going when the article itself goes live. With this plugin, you can specify the text and set it to post to the social networks when your article goes live.

It takes some advanced setup to get everything working. But the authors have done an excellent job in giving step by step instructions. The instructions will guide you on how to setup each social account. Once done, it becomes a quick step when you do your post. All easy and automated.

Pick it up here.

#3 – Repeat text or code easily: Shortcoder

Sometimes you want to post the same text or a call to action button all the time. Rather than putting it in by hand each time, this plugin allows you to create blocks of code. Once saved, each block of code becomes an individual shortcode. From there you can click a button and insert them on any post or page.

We use this plugin all the time to insert repeated content. For example, the affiliate link text is seen at the top of this page. This is a pre-defined shortcode that we insert on any posts or pages that need it. It makes adding this text consistent anywhere on the site.

Get it here.

#4 – Backup your site easy: UpdraftPlus

Create good website backups

Before any changes or updates get done to a site, it is very important to have a good backup. What if in the middle of an upgrade something happens and your website crashes? Could you recover without a good backup? Updraft Plus makes taking a backup as simple as a click of a button.

A good backup program does not store the backups on the local server only. A remote location is a proper spot for backups so that they will be safe should your server crash. Updraft Plus makes a backup to many remote storage locations easy. In fact, many of the locations supported can be set up with only a few clicks.

You can download UpdraftPlus here.

#5 – Make SEO easy: SEOPress

I have mentioned this plugin before. But it is worth mentioning again. SEOPress is very useful in the many features it can offer your site. From helping with the title and description to sitemaps it seems to do it all. But is not as easy to set and forget.

You will need to complete the setup to get the best result from this plugin. Enter as much information as you can during the setup. Information such as social profiles and what you want your titles and descriptions to look at will save you time in configuring each post and page one at a time.

Additionally, if you go with the PRO version exact features will be added to help with Google Analytics, schema setups for products and much more. I have found it invaluable to add on each website I own and those that I build for our clients.

Get SEOPress here.


With these 5 plugins, you can ensure your site is safe with accurate backups. That posting to social media happens how and when you want it to, with little interaction. They will also help guide you when you write articles. Not to mention enhance the basic search engine optimization of your entire site. Download these plugins and try them out on your site.


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5 plugins that will automate simple tasks for your website

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